Renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy produced using renewable resources. These resources can be “pulled” from the sun, the wind, the water, the heat of the basement. In absolute terms, renewable energy is autonomous since the source does not need to be recharged. However, “capturing” and “transforming” this renewable energy into useful energy requires resources in its manufacture, installation, maintenance, recycling and energy transfer.

Our offer globally covers the following points:

  • Evaluation of your needs. Supply and installation of solar panels.
  • Supply and installation of charge controllers.
  • Supply and installation of batteries or charge accumulators.
  • Supply and installation of protection boxes.
  • Connection of the solar panels and connection to the electrical boxes.
  • Connecting the batteries and connecting the batteries to the electrical boxes.
  • Parameterization of the regulators.
  • Charge batteries.
  • Power on the installation.